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Buy-to-let for expats

Obtaining financing as an expat is notoriously difficult. And evolving regulation means many high street lenders are turning away applicants. But we treat all our clients as individuals, meaning we can help expats with a buy-to-let mortgage.

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Helping expats

We thrive on unconventional cases, understanding that each is unique. So, we can offer lending to meet client needs, wherever an expat is based, whether leaving or returning, and in view of tax and investment considerations.

Experienced expats looking to expand their portfolio

Expats who are first time buyers

Variety in assets

We have an unrestricted approach to assets. Our focus is on helping landlords maximise the returns in their buy-to-let portfolio, and leverage existing holdings to make further purchases. Our product range caters for mixed and multi-asset portfolios, with lending designed specifically for:

Investments in semi-commercial properties

Multi-unit freehold blocks

Houses in multiple occupation

Specialist rental properties

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