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Buy-to-let for portfolio landlords

We can help buy-to-let landlords develop their property portfolio, by providing fast lending and the flexibility to make further purchases. As supporters of the buy-to-let market, we know that the loans we make help its overall expansion.

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Helping portfolio landlords

Our products have been built to cover a wide variety of scenarios. They can aid clients with plans to refinance, or purchase several securities in one transaction.

Mixed portfolios including semi-commercial properties

Landlords looking to incorporate their portfolios

Multi-asset portfolios with a variety of assets

Variety in assets

We have an unrestricted approach to assets. Our focus is on helping landlords maximise the returns in their buy-to-let portfolio, and leverage existing holdings to make further purchases. Our product range caters for mixed and multi-asset portfolios, with lending designed specifically for:

Investments in semi-commercial properties

Multi-unit freehold blocks

Houses in multiple occupation

Specialist rental properties

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