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If you need to fund work carried out on a property, it can be hard to know what to look for. Should you apply for a refurbishment loan or a development loan? And what’s the difference between the two? We’ve stripped out the confusion by making it crystal clear. We define refurbishment as any work within an existing structure. Our lending terms are straightforward too, because we always cover 100% of the build and loan up to 70% of gross development value (GDV). Our Refurbishment Loans can apply in the following situations:
Converting a house into flats.
Converting a commercial asset to residential.
Full internal reworking of a house that needs more than just TLC.
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Why Octopus Property?
We launched our first ever product in 2009 and we quickly became known for our competitive bridging products. Since then, we have diversified our product range and we are always striving to improve our offering in response to the changing market.
Every property is unique and no two borrowers are the same. So we make every loan unique too, designing the product around you, moving fast to meet complex needs.
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We are property people, not bankers, and work with an instinctive understanding of the needs of landlords, developers and property investors alike.
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